In a bid to make a real difference, Asahi Kasei – Japan’s #1 kitchen solutions brand – has partnered with the remarkable non-profit organization, Akshaya Patra Foundation, for its worthy cause of feeding the hungry. by introducing the “Hunger Recap with Asahi Kasei” initiative. Through this social media campaign, the brand seeks to help reduce food waste and help eliminate the widespread problem of classroom hunger by helping provide a meal for underprivileged children.
It is common to see foods as extra chapati, left over sabzi or curry from dinner the night before, and vegetable peelings are sure to end up in the trash in most Indian homes. However, this food waste, in turn, puts a strain on waste management systems, contributes to pollution and further leads to food deprivation. Meanwhile, on the other hand, according to the United Nations in India, almost 4 out of 10 children are not reaching their full human potential due to chronic undernutrition. In fact, 33% of the country’s children are malnourished (UNICEF and Global Health Database) – one of the main reasons for this being poverty and inequality.
This not only makes it imperative to reduce food waste, but also crucial to help tackle malnutrition among disadvantaged children in India. And with the intention of effectively tackling the twin problems of food waste and classroom hunger, Asahi Kasei has partnered with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to launch the #WrapUpHungerWithAsahiKasei initiative.
This initiative will see people post a photo of food wrapped in the Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap alongside the product and use the #WrapUpHungerWithAsahiKasei. For every post shared with the hashtag, Asahi Kasei can provide 3 meals for Akshaya Patra’s midday meal program, which provides nutritious meals to children studying in public and government-subsidized schools.
Speaking of the initiative, Luve Oberoi, Senior Marketing Manager, Asahi Kasei India, said, “Food is one of the most critical pillars for survival. However, the UNEP Food Waste Report 2021
Index Report indicates that 61% of food waste comes from households. With this in mind, we have sought to raise awareness of food waste and classroom hunger through this initiative. By encouraging people to share a photo of food wrapped in Asahi Kasei Premium packaging – which keeps food fresh and helps reduce waste – and by providing meals to underprivileged school children for every shift, we’re happy to do our part. and give back to the community. And we are delighted to have partnered with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to enable this.
Anant Arora, Director of Sustainable Development and Communication, Akshaya Patra Foundation mentioned, “A healthy meal is not the same luxury or privilege for many. Moreover, most of us also fail to consider that every morsel of wasted food could potentially contribute to someone’s diet. At Akshaya Patra, we envision eliminating classroom hunger and tackling malnutrition among socio-economically disadvantaged children.We couldn’t have been happier to partner with Asahi Kasei – who shares our vision – to launch the Wrap Up Hunger with Asahi Kasei initiative. I would also like to thank the central and state governments for giving us this opportunity to serve children and communities during the pandemic, and to support and encourage our efforts throughout.
According to the United Nations Hunger Report, although the world produces enough food to feed the world’s population, as many as 811 million people still go hungry every day. And it has only gotten worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years.
In light of this, Asahi Kasei “Hunger Recap with Asahi Kasei” The initiative is a decisive step towards meaningful change in the lives of underprivileged and deprived children across the country by helping to provide them with fresh and nutritious meals.
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